Saturday, 14 June 2014

June 2014 - Final post ;)


Well it's been almost SEVEN years since I started this blog to show how far my dear Solly has come on his journey with me. It started as his and my journey together and has ended up showing all our horses with their own accomplishments each month. I have thoroughly enjoyed charting our fun, success's and Natural Horsemanship ideals and training.

I have decided after this time to stop blogging on this blog as we have come as far as we wish to go with our horses and a lot of the stuff we now do is not new per say but wonderful new days of similar stuff that we are thoroughly enjoying.

My Solly is now a very nice riding horse who loves agility fun and liberty play, does some nice lateral work and loves his jumping. He is a joy to be around and I adore him a lot. He has taught me to be thorough, take things slowly, to keep progressing but to allow the horse the time he needs to be confident. He has also taught me to give even more of myself to him so that he could trust me more and to trust him more too.

Holly is also a very nice riding horse who hacks out on her own and in company, does some lateral work and pops a jump now and then. She is a pleasure to be around in all ways. She has taught me to flow more with a horse, physically and mentally and to not be stuck in a plan but to grow with that plan and what the horse has to bring to the day.

Our Stormy has grown up to be a very lovely horse who adores humans, is coming along nicely with his riding work, enjoys jumping and loves his liberty and agility play. He is fun to be around and loves learning new things. He has taught me to PLAY more, to use my imagination and to figure things out without saying NO to my horse...he is so much fun to be with.

Tara, my first horse and my biggest love. She has taught me patience and to take things really really slowly, to be thorough and also to find out what the horse enjoys and to enjoy that rather than putting my likes onto the horse ;) Now at aged 20 is mainly retired due to stiffness in her back legs. She has taught me patience and lightness and helped teach me what I needed to know for the other horses in our herd. She is a fabulous hacking horse who is happy on her own and in company. She pulled a lot of logs for us for our stove and gave me the techniques to be able to start our Stormy driving too. She is my most beloved horse and even though retired I sometimes roam around riding her in a slow walk to get 'our time' together when she feels up to it. We've done a LOT of hacking about here in the hills me and dear Tara and many many lovely memories ;)

Thank you for reading Solly's blog and I hope it has inspired you to have a Loving, Friendship based, Natural relationship with the horses in your own lives.

Shelley, Mark, Solly, Holly, Tara and Big Stormy :)

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